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Square (neo)Dancing


promenade now promenade!
hand in the hopper and the other in the sack
ladies step forward and gents fall back....

swing when you meet at the head and feet
go down the middle and you cut away two
I'll swing me and you swing you

Bug-Eye-View of Neo Square At The Farmer's Market
Another Example Of Square Dancing For The People: Circle and Peek
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Barefoot Square Dancing

No checkered skirts or bandanas here (ok, well, maybe in between the dreadlocks and skin heads and vegeans). Foot attire? Barefeet, tennis shoes, and cross-trainers. Ages? All and we mean ALL. Bluegrass band with caller. Until PortlandDancing gets pointed towards some "traditional square dancing" (read: dresses and shirts made from table clothes) this is what you get. No one goes away disappointed. 3 notches wilder than Contra dancing. Hip callers. No experience necessary. It's great to be Square Dancing in Portland, Oregon. (reall square dance experts would say that there is no "neo" category, that this dancing is just "traditional square dancing" done by a younger crowd.)