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Some Variations Of Swing Dancing

East Coast Swing

Designed for the general public that couldn't master the more difficult Lindy Hop. Swing Dancing's six-count "back step side side" is easy to master first time out on the dance floor. Most Swing venues in Portland teach a 1-hour walk-in lesson in this style. Easy to learn, very wide common denominator. Everyone knows the swing dance. All you have to do is bounce! There is a Swing Dance class for everyone.
The Lindy Hop can be danced to any Swing music and Swing can be danced to any Lindy Hop music. Remember to bounce!

Wikpedia on Swing Dancing

Blind Dancer, Greg Krolicki, Demonstrates The East Coast Swing

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The Lindy Hop

Wikipedia on Dancing The Lindy Hop

Various Examples of Swing
(not all Lindy Hop, someone is doing West Coast, and East Coast Swing, and just goofing around)

Dancing The Shim Sham
danced often at Lindy Hop dances

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Walk walk triple step walk walk triple step. . . .one of the most difficult to master because this 8 count dance switches the rock foot every triple step. . .Both dance a different step at the same time they circle . . .no other dance allows the follow to wiggle her behind so much (called "switches")--a definite signature of the Lindy Hop Swing Dance. . .Start by learning the 6-count or "East Coast" . . .Fall back on the East Coast Swing to catch your breath or talk. You can dance the Lindy you can dance anything. . .You can dance the Lindy to anything, even the Waltz. . .Can't dance the Lindy? It's just as fun to watch and the good dancers know it. Lots of Poser Lindy in Portland, lots of Crazy Lindy, lots of Hybrid Lindy. Everything Ballroom isn't. . . See through the debutantes and the winos and transcend your honky white ass klump klump to bouncefloat in a crouched mode to the rhythms of the Big Band Swing Era! Create new steps right there while you're dancing. Clown, Jazz, Social, Ultimate. . . .The Day Dancing Began. . . . .The Lindy Hop.

Advice to Beginners: Double your lessons. Keep bouncing.
Advice to Intermediates: Quit looking at your butt and the floor.
Advice to Advanced: Make some mistakes. Try to fall. Keep bouncing. There are Lindy Hop classes for any level

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