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FOXTROT Intermediate -NEW Pattern, VANCOUVER

Ballroom Class

Any Level OK

Teacher(s)   Julieann and Joseph Platt
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Contact Phone  954-249-5823
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Date(s)   7 Week Class
   11/03/19   Sun
   11/10/19   Sun
   11/17/19   Sun
   11/24/19   Sun
   12/01/19   Sun
   12/08/19   Sun
   12/15/19   Sun
Beg-End Time   7:30-8:30pm
Money   $12- $60
Address   Riverside Performing Arts

FOXTROT- Intermediate Foxtrot patterns
In this class, learn a NEW pattern of step combinations. You do not need to have attended the SEP-OCT classes. BRAND NEW PATTERN will include Shadow Boxes. Pivots, Run steps.

6 WEEK SESSION, no class (12/1)

• The standalone patterns taught combine standard(SSQQ) and box(SQQ) rhythms in Foxtrot to fit into typical musical phrasing which can be danced to any Foxtrot song.
• Additional patterns will be taught as standalone elements in the upcoming sessions of classes.
• Several patterns of steps combinations will plug right into a choreographed routine to be performed sometime in 2020 at several venues. There is no requirement to join the performance team, although encouraged.

• Prerequisites: Beyond Beginning Foxtrot skills.
For those missing the prerequisite – private lessons available

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Instructor has not listed a Bio. It is unknown if they offer private lessons.
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