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Grieg Lodge Lille Leikarringen 3rd Tuesday

Free 1st & 3rd Tuedays     7:00pm-7:30pm     5/21/2024

Age Limit
  Free 1st & 3rd Tuedays
Next Event
  May 21 (Tuesday)
  3rd Tuesdays
  Norse Hall 111 NE 11th Ave
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Contact Phone
  (503) 367-5014
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Lille Leikarringen at Grieg Lodge is a children''s
Scandinavian folk dance group. There are performances at
least four times a year ; practices are open to
everyone whether one chooses to perform or not.
Ages 4+ ; Adults watch the practice, may participate with their
children, or drop off and
pick up afterward

please contact the event sponsor to double-check info
report a mistake or omission
*indoor pictures do not represent actual attendance numbers or actual dance style for event.

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