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Blues Eclectic Dance- Special Fusion lesson

$20 for dance and lesson, $10 for dance only, $15 for Lesson only     7:30 pm-11 pm     1/4/2020

Age Limit
  no age limit
  $20 for dance and lesson, $10 for dance only, $15 for Lesson only
  7:30 pm-11 pm
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  January 04 (Saturday)
  1st Saturdays
  Norse Hall 111 NE 11th Ave
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7 pm = Blues Fusion Lesson with Ari Levitt “INTRO TO BLUES, SWING, & ALTERNATIVE RHYTHMS

Using Blues and East Coast Swing dance as a foundation, we learn to break out of the six-count basic steps and explore alternate rhythms and fun, improvisational stylings. Perfect for both beginning dancers or experienced dancers who want to focus on partnering and connection while learning a whole lot more about swinging outside the box.

8:15-11 pm Dance w. DJs Ari Lewitt & Dennis Myers.
Cost: $20- Dance and Lesson, $10 Dance only, $15 Lesson only
Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave, Portland. (Upper Ballroom)

There is also a Swing Fusion Afternoon Workshop. See website for details and videos

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