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Sunday Waltz Eclectic at Norse Hall

$20 -$10- Dance and Lesson, $15-$10- Dance Only. Sliding Scale     10:30am-2:30pm     12/17/2023

Age Limit
  no age limit
  $20 -$10- Dance and Lesson, $15-$10- Dance Only. Sliding Scale
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  December 17 (Sunday)
  3rd Sundays
  Norse Hall 111 NE 11th Ave
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An eclectic mix of casual ballroom music - Waltz, Swing, East and West Coast, Nightclub Two-Step, Latin and Tango.

10:30 Lesson: 2-for-1 Introduction to Waltz and Swing, with Uwe & Colleen, Connect To Dance
11:30am to 2:30pm: Dance, DJ Dennis Myers. This week's 3hr. playlist will start out with familiar Waltz, Swing and NC2St favorites and evolve into more contemporary music for waltz, swing, latin, two steps and all have alternative tango flavor.
Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave.

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