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Fundamentals of Argentine Tango @ Shabu Studio

drop in $15 or 10 classes for $140     7 PM-8 PM     7/18/2024

Age Limit
  no age limit
  drop in $15 or 10 classes for $140
  7 PM-8 PM
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  July 18 (Thursday)
  6055 NE Glisan, Portland, OR
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Whether you are brand new, have taken some drop-in lessons and are ready for ongoing study, or are a more advanced dancer focusing on your technique, this class is for you

We will start class with a quick warmup, and then do solo drills to help you improve your dance. After that, we will work with partners on different moves each week. Musicality, a good embrace, connection with your partner--it's all here in the class No partner needed. I encourage you to trade partners and work on both lead and follow roles, but neither is required.

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