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MELT fusion: dance, cuddle, massage, & more

$20 - $100 (vip options available)     5:45PM-11:11pm     8/11/2024

Age Limit
  $20 - $100 (vip options available)
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  August 11 (Sunday)
  2nd Sundays
  Berretin Studio 6305 SE Foster
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Immerse yourself in a glowing dreamscape with magical healing fairies at MELT Dance Featuring calm lighting, a cozy conversation room, cuddle floof, soothing massage stations, relaxing teas, and vegan treats All five love languages await you at MELT, where consent is sacred and connection is our mission. Sign Up Here.

Once a month, you can journey to this glowing dreamscape of slow dancing magic. A multi-sensory fusion of mindful ways to melt away your mental stress and physical soreness - and melt into the arms of one another - MELT is more than a dance. It is a snuggle-friendly social care immersion with massage tables, cuddle floof, a tea lounge, a treat lounge, and magical healing fairies offering cute services like platonic touch and words of affirmation. The event begins with human connection lessons like massage or dancing. The event ends with rotating themes of chill aftercare activities and sound baths.

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