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Zipper Dance - co-creative partner dancing

Misc/Variety Instruction

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Teacher(s)   James Schaberg
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Contact Phone  2316312172
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Date(s)   Recurring
Every Thursday
Next Event: 09/30/21
Beg-End Time   Intro class 6:30-7:30pm
Zipper Jam at 7:30pm
Money   First Class Free, then
$10 - $15 sliding scale,
Jam only $5
Address   5010 NE 9th Ave, Unit B (upstairs), 97211

Your first class is free! Discover a fun and simple technique for dancing the blues, tango, waltz, swing, latin, or slow. Zipper Dance is a co-creative method of partner dance that provides an alternative to the traditional social dance roles. The technique brings two neutral sides together into one balanced entity. As a result, leads and follows are nonexistent. The dance workshops are great for all ages and levels of experience.

No partner is necessary. Please bring socks or dance shoes.

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"I met James at DanceCamp NW, and was blown away by his passion for dance, life and people. Zipper dance is a unique way to connect with someone else on all levels, be it just through eyes, or hands, or body… moving as one to fun beats. It did open my senses to communicate and receive purely in the moment, and sharing the push and pull of life’s currents. A very touching and beautiful experience… don't miss it!!!"
~Kimaya Lutz, Ocras Isl

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Zipper Dance - partner dancing made easy
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Zipper Dance with James Schaberg
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A balanced and connected kinesthetic conversation
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Zipper Dance workshop
Zipper Dance - partner dancing made easyZipper Dance with James SchabergA balanced and connected kinesthetic conversationZipper Dance workshop

Instructor Bio And Private Lesson Info

James Schaberg is a Zipper Dance instructor based in Portland, OR.  To schedule a private lesson or group workshop, please contact him through  He teaches out of his studio in NE Portland.

While working as a commercial pilot and filmmaker in the midwest, James was introduced to modern, contact improv, and co-creative partner dance.  James then moved to the Pacific Northwest to develop Zipper Dance.  Just as a zipper connects two sides into one unit, the dance method brings two dancers together so that they can move as one, lead only by music instead of a dominating side.  The creation of the new unit inspires creative expression through kinesthetic communication.   James also teaches a mandala style of group yoga called Kaleidoscope which he often integrates into his dance workshops.   He teaches Zipper Dance private lessons as well as weekly workshops at Quaking Grass Center in the Alberta Arts District of Portland.

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