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Cocréa Fusion Partner Dance Drop-ins at SomaSpace

Fusion Instruction

Any Level OK
Drop-In Any Date

Teacher(s)   Wren LaFeet and Antje Schäfer
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Contact Phone  503-609-0182
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Date(s)   Recurring
Every 2nd Monday
Next Event: 10/11/21
Beg-End Time   7pm - 9pm
Money   $14 - $20
Address   4050 NE Broadway Street Portland, Oregon, USA 9723

2nd AND 4th Mondays starting Sept 8

Collaborative Organic Communication Revolutionizing Embodied Awareness, Cocréa synergizes social partner dance techniques from swing, salsa and blues, aesthetics and styling of hip-hop and contemporary free-form dance, physical theater training, physics and authentic relating practices. Viewing dance as life, Cocréa is a holistic movement modality intended for healing and transformation that can be accessed through virtually any musical portal. The dance emphasizes connection, communication and presence between two people within a community of others.

Classes will be on a drop-in basis, beginning with a primer for partner dance on the first day and offering a brief review as needed at the start of each class thereafter. Participants will explore a complementary set of skills through progressive exercises and concepts catered to meet the needs of new and returning students alike, and will be given at least half an hour at the end of class to da

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At Mississippi Pizza with Robin Jackson's Band
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Dancing at Crazywood Retreat, Huntsville, TX
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At Mississippi Pizza with Robin Jackson's BandDancing at Crazywood Retreat, Huntsville, TX

Instructor Bio And Private Lesson Info
We are available for private lessons by appointment.

Wren LaFeet

Creator and Facilitator

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Since my parents met on the dance floor you might say I was meant to be a dancer; I was danced into being. I learned Swing and Salsa for a production of West Side Story, and explored the versatility of social partner dance to all different music during the tail end of the swing boom of the 90s in the San Francisco Bay Area. Acting, dancing and choreographing through high school propelled me to train in theater and dance, writing and directing for my Bachelor’s degree at University of Washington. I’ve produced, co-produced and performed in original works of theater and film, created and run a Vaudevillian partner dance troupe, The Harlequin Hipsters, for 4 years, and now tour internationally teaching Cocréa.

Viewing partner dance as a microcosm of society and a metaphor for relationship, I invite people on a transformational journey towards unified consciousness through movement. Speaking the common language of the body, I help access the keys for profound relating in all areas of life.

I am a recognized TEDx speaker, invited speaker for The Body Intelligence Summit, have a podcast as part of the Conscious Dancer Magazine series, and am a Shift Network and Gene Keys affiliate envisioning a thriving human race in balance with our beautiful home planet.
For more information on the Gene Keys, an amazing tool for personal discovery that has been deeply informing us in all areas of our lives, work and unlocking our genius, please visit their site and explore!


Antje Martina Schäfer

Co-Creator and Facilitator

Coming to the US from Germany at the age of twelve, I grew up with my feet constantly in more than one culture. My passion for movement to music has been a prime connector to spirit and source of joy, as well as a gateway to finding connection to others in community. As my bi-cultural upbringing ignited the desire to strive for deeper understanding and communion with all humans, dance has revealed itself as a perfect parallel to life in this diverse world.

Accessing the rich creative community of San Francisco, I discovered a gift for bridging and cross-pollinating ideas between communities, a passion that still drives my work today. I tested my own creative powers through the world of art and music event production and tapped into new, vibrant outlets for my dancing and personal discovery through transformational festivals of the West Coast beginning in 2009.

Through discovering blues and fusion partner dance in 2012, I became exposed to a whole new level of connection made possible through movement. Awe-inspired, I envisioned the first Connexus, a day-long conscious partner dance event, which Wren and I co-produced six months later.

My focus is on how the dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal co-creation, discovery, and appreciation. I have spent the last year weaving my life experiences with the dance as an active co-creator of the Cocréa teachings of ‘dance as life’, while simultaneously being schooled again and again, by our students and of course, life itself.

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