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Chicago Style Steppin'

East Coast Swing / Lindy Hop Instruction

Begining / Intermediate
Drop-In Any Date

Teacher(s)   Denise Johnson and Hernandez Williams
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Contact Phone  503-819-4576
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Date(s)   Recurring
Every Thursday
Next Event: 09/30/21
Beg-End Time   7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Money   $20.00 per month
Address   Colwood Golf Center

Effective June 4, 2015 Classes will be held every Thursday at the Colwood Golf Center 7313 N. E. Columbia Blvd. Portland, Or. Your first 2 lessons are FREE. No partner is needed

Steppin originated in Chicago's African American communities during the 1950's and 1960's. Steppin evolved from various dances such as the BOP, the catwalk, and other dances which utilize striding, gliding, dipping, and bopping to African American big band's music. Steppin is not just a dance, but an art form ~ a way of life. It is the embodiment of Chicago tradition with its Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, and all such art forms intertwined. Steppin is marriage and communication personified through dance.

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"Age Ain't A Factor" Annual Fall Event
"Age Ain't A Factor" Annual Fall Event

Instructor has not listed a Bio. It is unknown if they offer private lessons.
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