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Tango Technique Class w/ Gracia

Tango Instruction

Any Level OK
Drop-In Any Date

Teacher(s)   Gracia Deane
Relevant Website
Contact Phone  503.530.6055
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Date(s)   Recurring
Every Tuesday
Next Event: 09/28/21
Beg-End Time   7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Money   $15.00
Address   Chehalem Cultural Center 415 E. Sheridan. Newberg

Tango Technique Class

Instructed by a Master of Spanish Dance, the Tango Technique class is open to all levels with or without a partner. This class is designed to introduce and perfect:

· The Masculine and Feminine dance steps and forms

· The Tango dance “frame”

· Posture, strength and balance

· Musicality (learning the counts and phrases of Traditional and Nuevo Tango music)

· Embellishments (the stylistic foot and leg movements that characterize Argentine Tango).

Students will build body core strength, confidence and style in preparation for couple’s dancing. Come to this class with your partner or alone (with the potential of meeting a future partner in class!)

Drop-ins are welcome!

Instructor has not listed a Bio. It is unknown if they offer private lessons.
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