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Street Swing. Awesome Dance Class!

East Coast Swing / Lindy Hop Instruction

Any Level OK
Drop-In Any Date

Teacher(s)   Robert and Julia
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Contact Phone  9713400721
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Date(s)   Recurring
Every Tuesday
Next Event: 09/28/21
Beg-End Time   6pm to 7pm
Money   $5 to $7
Address   232 Southeast Oak Street

We hold class at Portland Dance Studio every Tuesday at 6pm. We go over fundamentals of swing, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Blues and social dance.

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Swingin Out!
Swingin Out!

Instructor Bio And Private Lesson Info

Portland Dance Studio  is the best dance studio and rehearsal space for independent dance instructors in PDX! Book a private studio today! Good for dance, yoga, martial arts, burlesque, comedy, drama, and more! Proudly serving Portland, Oregon!

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