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where can I learn to dance?
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Beginning Argentine Tango

Tango Instruction

Must Register Beforehand

Teacher(s)   Lee Sobo
Relevant Website
Contact Phone  8582059832
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Date(s)   Recurring
Every Monday
Next Event: 09/27/21
Beg-End Time   7pm - 8pm
Money   $50 for 4 weeks
Address   Parkrose Ballroom

Learn this dance from the ground floor up! From the most basic step to advanced figures. All it takes is lessons and practice.
Bridge City Tango has over 15 years experience teaching anyone who is willing to work at it to dance with confidence. The classes are easy to follow, progressive, make sense and lots of fun. In addition, you’ll meet new people and it will expand your coordination, balance and your min

Instructor has not listed a Bio. It is unknown if they offer private lessons.
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