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3rd Friday West Coast Swing Practica

$5     9:30pm-12:00am     12/20/2019

Age Limit
  no age limit
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  December 20 (Friday)
  3rd Fridays
  14355 SW Pacific Highway Tigard, OR 97224
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Join us every 3rd Friday for our West Coast Swing Practica.
We have created a comfortable and fun atmosphere for you to practice your Swing. There is instructor feedback available for you to take advantage of if you have questions you would like professional advice on. While you will still find a dj playing music for you and lots of people dancing socially on the floor, you are also free to:

-stop dancing in the middle of a song to discuss a certain pattern or technique you are trying to work on with your partner.

-ask other dancers for feedback on your dancing

-practice moving on your own in front of the mirrors

Joe Broderick is our DJ and Leilani Nakagawa will be available for feedback.

We love providing an atmosphere that is a bit different than a social dance where people feel comfortable really WORKING on their dancing skills.Come out and PRACTICE what you are learning. It's the best way to truly own your dancing and have f

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