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PDX Contra Remix - POC & LGBTQIA Safe

$7-$10 sliding scale     6:30pm-10:00pm     10/11/2020

Age Limit
  no age limit
  $7-$10 sliding scale
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  October 11 (Sunday)
  2nd Sundays
  8010 N Charleston Ave
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SEPT-MAY no summer dances.
Contra Dance is a form of community dance. PDX Contra Remix is a gender-free community of contra dancers. We use LARKS and RAVENS to signify what is often referred to as the Gents and Ladies or Lead and Follow roles in partner dancing.

High driving melodies. Slow funk. Inspirational and Soulful grit. Party House. Playful electro swing. And a tasty dose of Queer Pop. These are our jams.

Supportive. Playful. Safe. And willing to learn. These are our intentions as we dance.

Any and all are welcome.

No partner is necessary. Some dance experience recommended but not necessary. A willingness to mess up is required. So is taking care of yourself and others as best you can.

Our goal is for these dances to be POC & LGBTQIA safe events. This means bigotry of any kind is not tolerated. If you experience or see anything questionable, please let an organizer know. Thanks for helping to make our community a safe and welcoming space for all

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