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Capoeira Actual

Free     7:30pm-10:00pm     11/24/2019

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  no age limit
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  November 24 (Sunday)
  1301 S E Ankeny Ave
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Roda Aberta em Palmares. Nearly all the games of Capoeira are going to be played. Practicianers of one game topque or another are going to find themselves (rolling off the fight through dance) relatively within their element, with some dances that they will recognize, and other dance games that maybe new to them.

From the dance of ''Jogo de dentro, jogo de fora'' called by the beat (toque) de Sao Bento Grande to the vital subtleties of Apanha l'ranja do chao tico tico played to the toque (beat) chamado of the same name all the actual representations of the dance epiphany that is Capoeira's etiquette uniquely coded estuary between the concepts of dance & fight

These beats (toques) are called out by a live bateria & chorus.

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