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Old-style Step Dance, All ages, AudioCinema

$15     6pm-7pm     3/8/2021

Age Limit
  no age limit
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  March 08 (Monday)
  AudioCinema, 226 SE Madison Street, Portland, OR
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  Maldon Meehan 971-373-1374
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Old-style step dancing is a tradition related to, yet distinct from, sean-nós dancing, though it is sometimes called "Munster-style sean-nós". Old-style step dancing evolved in the late 18th and early 19th century from the dancing of travelling Irish dance masters. The dance masters slowly formalised and transformed both solo and social dances. Modern masters of old-style step dancing style can trace the lineage of their steps directly back to 18th century dancers.

The studio is located in the AudioCinema building under the Hawthorne Bridge at 226 SE Madison Street Portland, OR 97214 (googlemap or other devices may send you OVER the Hawthorne Bridge, so be aware). There is a secured entrance to the building, but someone will be there to let everybody in -- you can wave through the window if no one is at the door when you arrive.

Sponsor: Portland Irish Music and Dance Meetup

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