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Soul Revival: Ecstatic Dance for POC

$7 to $15 sliding scale     7pm-9pm     2/21/2020

Age Limit
  no age limit
  $7 to $15 sliding scale
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  February 21 (Friday)
  3rd Fridays
  Flying Tortoise Academy, 4400 NE Glisan St
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These are alcohol-free events

This Ecstatic Dance group is solely for People of Color in the general Portland area.

Many of us have been feeling the intensity of these hard times, and this is our safe space to use the dance floor as our outlet, sanctuary, and playground.

Now, we get to connect as a community on the regular, virtually and physically.

Allow yourselves to be vulnerable and tap into your bodies'' inherent wisdom and need for expression.

No matter what your level of dance experience, know that you are welcome

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